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Hey lovers!

This is truly the most anticipated moment for all of us! We truly don't want to be just another vendor crossed off your checklist..instead, we want to have the honor of being your friends.

Our consultations aren't the typical sit downs at coffee shops. We don't just chat about the details of your wedding because we like to dive deep into who you are as a couple, or what was the defining moment that made you feel he or she was it, or more importantly if you're dog or cat people...ya know? lol! And of course, we share our story, our embarassing dating moments and which Netflix shows have our fancy!

Guys, you should know that you are in good company with us and that your special day is in good hands!

Our hearts beat for marriage so much that the core values of DAVIDANN are built upon the heart, your heart.. and what's important to you is important to us!

From the moment you hit "submit", we're digging your story and getting excited to meet you! So... give us the pleasure of being your wedding expert bff's and... let's do this!

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Date of session
Give us all the deets about yourselves, what you're dreaming for your day.
That hip venue downtown? A national park!! Our super cute backyard? Destination!!
Account should be public, so we can see your pretty faces. (:
We'd love to know how our hard work is paying off.


FAQs & Facts


So, who does what?

Kim (Ann) is your photographer, primary contact & go to person.
Noah (David) is your videographer, handling technicalities & troubleshooter.

How do we book you?

After our consultation I will send your contract, then you deposit a 50% retainer fee to secure your date with us. The rest is due 2 months before your wedding date.

Where are you located, would you travel for our wedding?

We live outside Portland, OR. Some other states we’ve shot at include: Wa, Ca, Mo, In, Ma, Az, Il. We are always excited to travel (nationally and internationally). Some new places we would love to shoot in are- Morocco, Israel, Thailand, Goa and so many more!

How would you describe your style?

We are a good mix of photojournalistic which means we like to capture things as is, letting true emotions flow and capturing every not-so-perfect but real is the sweet spot for us. We like some moods, old film techniques & experimentation.

What are your prices like?

Photography starts at $2850. Elopements in Oregon are $1850.
To make video available to our couples we offer two affordable options 5min or 10min highlight starting at $550. 

We have a detailed investment guide that we would love to send.

Any favorite places you’ve shot at?

The Pacific Northwest & Bali, Indonesia!

Some of your work and links show Mela-Photo, I’m confused?

Mergers are hard yo! While some of our social media accounts like Facebook and blog links might take you to MELA Photo which is the old brand; we are going to be transferring as much to our new brand, DavidAnn. You can always shoot us an email if you have any questions.

What about Mela-Photo?

We kept the site, Mela-Photo up and running to help anyone of you that hired us before our rebrand. We plan to dissolve/disconnect Mela-Photo at the end of the year. So if you are looking for your past photos or blog posts, please visit- Mela’s Journal. We hope to transfer as much of our work on our new site, so there will be some overlap of work.



  • David & Ann are our middle names; but we go by our first names, Noah & Kim.

  • The idea behind “DavidAnn” was conceived one summer on our many date walks/hikes.

  • We love Jesus, a home-cooked meal, sustainable living & traveling.

  • We enjoy a solid documentary, a crackling fire and conversations centering around music, India, and clever memes.

  • We both have B.F.A. degrees in art & design. (Ps- our logo and website is all us!)

  • First there was Kim Jey Photography, then Mela-Photo & now DavidAnn.