My Best Friend's Engagement- Cascade Locks (Part 1)


I had the privilege of taking my best friend’s engagement session last month.

My friendship with Kez goes back to our earliest memory of the two of us being caught by our moms, who found us hidden behind a nook in my mom’s kitchen eating a block of butter! We were three years old and in our defense, Indian (Amul) butter is rich, golden, creamy and oh so good!!

Several years later, I’m so blessed to still have Kez in my life.
Through the fun times, the sad times, and especially the bad relationships, we can both attest to the fact that God’s love for us is extravagant. As a married woman, my hope and prayer had been for Kez to find the man not just of her dreams, but for the one that would be worth the wait.

Honestly, how many of us ladies (& guys) have or continue to painfully wait for someone special? I’ve seen this pain in close friends and family members as they grow older and wonder. But, I want to encourage whoever is reading this that it’s never too late for anything. Waiting requires patience of heart, stillness of soul and trusting a Father who knows what’s best for us.

(to be cont.)